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About Celebrating MC: Staff & Faculty Scholarly & Creative Works

MCC Works Bibliography, Five Year Cumulative Edition, 2019-2023The 'Celebrating MC: Staff and Faculty Scholarly and Creative Works' Collection was created to showcase the significant quality output by our faculty and staff here at Middlesex College. Included is the annual Middlesex College Works bibliography encompassing scholarly research, academic analyses, edited works, textbooks, poetry, fiction, and artwork. The collection also houses digital versions of the MCC Writes posters, highlighting contributions from the bibliography. The annual faculty accomplishments CELT flyers will be added shortly.  

Submitting to Middlesex College Works Bibliography 
To aid us in developing the annual bibliography, please complete the form at https://bit.ly/2NIHb4x with information about your current or past works. If you have citations or multiple works to share, you may send us your CV or a Word document in an email to Library@middlesexcc.edu. While we have a collection date of March 15, 2025 to be added to Volume 7, you are welcome to submit information at any time.

Writing Circle
Faculty and staff who are interested in or already in the process of creating works, whether research or creative, and who are looking for guidance and support can join our weekly Writing Circle. Please contact MOchoa@middlesexcc.edu for more information.  

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2024 Reception

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