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About Community in Focus Library Initiative Collection

The Middlesex College Library bridges and celebrates the creative, social, and cultural life of the College community through a variety of informal and co-and extra-curricular learning experiences. 

The Community in Focus Library Initiative Collection commemorates those collaborative events and activities to expose students, faculty, staff, and the rest of the College community to new opportunities and horizons. This collection provides access to resources, images, and related materials to Library outreach and engagement activities for College faculty and staff. Our current ares of outreach involve Literacy & Learning, Creating & Making, Faculty & Staff Engagement, and Social Justice & Global Awareness.

Within the creating and making initiative are projects such as the Community in Focus Photo Contest and creation/maker and stress stops. The College faculty and staff engagement activities focus on the scholarly and creative experiences the Library offers these populations such as research and writing bootcamps and author/creator bibliographies, readings, and Middlesex College Writes posters. Literacy events captured in this collection include library displays, student reading events, and coffee klatches. 

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This collection will grow as we offer new resources and experiences related to our community. Limited development information is available on the Collection Acknowledgements page.